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horse onitoring camera

Get started with NOVOSTABLE

Download the NOVOSTABLE application on your smartphone.

Connect your horse to your camera quickly and easily.

Keep an eye on your horse 24/7 and be alerted in case of unusual behavior.


A few advices before getting started



To be able to install our solution, all you need is wifi access or 4G coverage. ​


In 4G, the solution comes with a 4G router, SIM card not included.

Which SIM card to choose?



Make sure you have plugs close to the location of the camera.

No plugs nearby? We can contact an electrician for your, juste fill in this form.

Get your solution ready in 3 simple tips

Download the NOVOSTABLE app

Download or update the NOVOSTABLE application on your smartphone.

Already have an account, connect, otherwise create a new account.

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Fix, plug & connect the camera

Install the camera in your horse's stall in the center of a wall and at least 2.50m from the ground and connect it to your internet network via the mobile application.

stable monitoring camera

Make NOVOSTABLE part of your daily life

No more stress when you're away from your horse.

Thanks to real-time alerts, you will always be able to react quickly!

woman taking care of horse

Need more help?

See the complete information on our installation page.

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