First steps

Mobile app

NOVOSTABLE mobile app is available both on the Apple Store and Android Market. This app is the only access point to the services of our camera. Download to app prior the installation of the smart cam one. The configuration of the camera is done via the mobile app. 1 camera/1 horse monitored/1 box = 1 mobile app subscription = up to 5 mobile app users. Therefore as a horse owner, you can order a camera and pay 1 subscription but share your code with up to 5 users (horse groom, stable manager, friend or family).

Getting started

You just received the camera or you want to understand ahead how to get started with the camera? Check this page for all the information on the installation and configuration of your camera. First steps : installation and configuration

Installation & set-up

How do I install the camera?

Ideally place the camera on the wall in front of the door (even if any walls will do). And fixe it at about 2.5m (max 3.5m). Then plug the camera into a regular plug with 220v. TIPS : the camera has no on/off button (less is more eco friendly). You can simply plug and unplug. This action has no impact on the camera settings, so do not be afraid. If you have chosen the 3G/4G model, insert your sim into the key before attaching your camera.

How to configure the camera?

The configuration is done from the mobile application. 1. If you already downloaded the app and create an account, go to Account, then Installation. 2. If you just signed up to the app, continue by pressing the button "I want to install my camera". 3. The camera is already connected, you simply want to monitor the horse? Go to my Account ➡️ Configure ➡️ Horse & Camera pairing. And jump to Horse Pairing section directly.

What are the network configuration steps?

Step 1:
On the camera, press the button as shown in the picture.
➡️ The LED flashes turquoise.
Step 2:
On the mobile application, choose your network connection ➡️ WIFI: enter SSID and password
➡️ 3G / 4G: enter the PIN code
Step 3:
On the mobile application, a QR code is generated.
Show this QR code to the camera: maximum at 1 meter distance.
➡️ The LED changes color from turquoise to turquoise / green once the QR code has been read.
Step 4:
On the camera, the LED turns green, your connection is successful.
TIP: wait at least 15s for wifi and up to 1 min for 3G / 4G.
In addition to this, you need to know more about it.
On the mobile application:
➡️ A success screen is displayed

Is the LED blinks red?

If the LED blinks red and you tried to connect to wifi, your password is wrong.
If you tried to connect with 3G/4G, your PIN code is wrong.
Return to the network setup screen and try entering your data again. TIP : Attention, after 3 attempts, the PIN code, you will need the PUK code. In this case, you must insert your SIM card in a phone to unlock it with your PUK code and then you can put it back in your camera to connect it to the network. If the led does not flash red but remains fixed in red, thank you for contacting us.

Is the LED blinks red / white?

If the LED flashes red / white, it means there is no SIM or the SIM is not recognized.
In this case, check that the SIM has been integrated into the 3G/4G key.
If it was well integrated, try removing it and putting it back, then try to sign in again on the mobile app's sign-in screen.

Is the LED blinks yellow?

If the LED blinks yellow and you tried to connect to wifi, there is an issue with SSID.
If you have tried to connect via 3G/4G, the yellow LED indicates that you have no network.
TIP : Try to have an internet connection from your smartphone then try again with the camera.

Is the LED blinks red / yellow?

If the led flashes red / yellow, the problem is with the key. It may not be properly engaged so the camera does not recognize it.
In this case, try unplugging and plugging in the key again.
TIP : The key is located in the compartment on the side of the camera. Open the cover and you can access the key.

Is the LED blinks purple?

If the led flashes purple, there is an error with the modem. In order to solve it, first check that the key inserted in the camera is the one given to you. If that doesn't work, try unplugging and re-plugging the camera and the dongle, then try to connect again. If the connection continues to fail and the LED remains purple, please contact us.

How to pair the horse with the camera?

Enter the subscription code
➡️ The subscription code is the one that begins with NS.
TIP: This code was emailed to the purchaser of the camera / subscription.
Enter the camera ID (required only when pairing is done after network setup).
TIP: You can find your camera ID on a label placed inside your camera. -> DISPLAY IMAGE

How to check the network?

Do you use WIFI? 1. First of all, check that your WIFI connection works correctly in your box. To do this, simply check the wifi on your mobile. TIP: If you have three connection bars on your wifi icon that's fine, but if you only have one it won't be enough!
You are using 3G / 4G 1. Insert the SIM card into the 3G / 4G key TIP: Make sure your SIM card is already activated. To be sure, you can place it in your smartphone. 2. Plug the key into the camera, in the space provided. 3. Check the quality of the network with your phone.
TIP: If you have three connection bars on your network icon, that's fine, but if you only have one, it won't be enough!

How long do I have to wait for the system to work?

Once everything is configured, you just have to wait 7 days for LANA, our artificial intelligence to learn from your horse. During these first 7 days, you will be able to see your horse live, but the artificial intelligence will not yet be able to detect your horse's unusual behavior.
After these 7 days of patience, your system will be fully operational.

Is the LED blinks red / purple?

If the LED flashes red / purple, the error comes from a connection failure after 3 PIN code attempts to connect to 3G / 4G. TIP : In this case, insert the SIM card in a telephone, unlock it with your PUK code and reinsert it in the camera key to be able to retry a connection with your PIN code.

Shop & Delivery

Where can I buy my Smart Cam One?

You can buy our camera directly from the website. Go the Smart Cam One page, then click shop now and you will be re-directed to our e-commerce site. Add the camera of your choice (wifi or 4G) to your cart and finalize your order! We recommend that you create an account while ordering in order to be able to manage your order from your account. Our e-commerce is well secured, so no worries. And in case you change your mind you can return the camera whithin 30 days. Otherwise get started with the camera and come back within 30 days to activate your subscription for the mobile app (1 month included with the camera purchase).

How to contact NOVOSTABLE team?

You have a question? We are at your disposal 24/7 to help you and answer all your questions. Customer service is something that is important to us, it is for this reason that our customer service is internalized. Our dedicated team will therefore have the pleasure of processing your request. Several means are available to reach us:

  • by email at
  • via our Facebook or Instagram page
  • by phone at +
  • via the chat on our website
  • via whatsapp
Find all this info on our CONTACT page in the website.

What is the average delivery time and cost?

It all depends on your shipping country and address. We are still a small team, but we are trying our best to prepare and ship your order within maximum 24h (during business days). Then GLS, our delivery partner is shipping within 24h to 48h in France, and a bit more the futher away your are located. Once in your shopping cart, you can estimate the cost of shipping and the taxes. And then next screen, at Checkout, you will have the average delivery time, under Delievry Method.

I change my mind or I have a problem with my package, I want to return it.

I changed my mind: No problem, you have 30 days to return the camera to us, undammaged of course and well packed. The best is to re-use the original package and stuff in as much hay as you can. Then contact-us and we will send you via email a return stiker. You then have a find the closest pick-up point from GLS. Yes, we do take the price of return to our expense. I have a problem with my package: Contact-us so we can evaluate the best way to go forward together.

No delivery yet in my country?

If we do not deliver to your country yet, you will not be able to order on the website. However, we invite you to contact us directly to assess together the possibility of serving you.

Can I track my order?

You recently placed an order on your website, that is great news! You should have received a confirmation email that your order was placed. Then as soon as your order is processed and shipped, you receive another email telling you that your order is on its way, with a link to track its progress from our shipping partner. You created an account before ordeing? Perfect, you can find all the information there as well, anytime. All you have to do is go to your personal space on the site, in the "my orders" section, you can then have the follow-up and the different stages of your order.

I did not receive a tracking link for my order?

You receive the tracking link once your order has been prepared and shipped. This way take up to 24h-48h. So maybe you just need to wait a tiny bit longer... This delay is passed? Contact-us the way it pleases you, so se can check it for you!


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