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Our story

Birth of the concept

CARE FOR HORSES, not only a tag line but the main driver of NOVOSTABLE.

women and horse in stall

One of NOVO SENSO founder was born and raised around horses. A unique passion that never dies, whatever.

Being used to have her horses at 100m from her bedroom, she wondered how to feel fine with her horses now 10km away! 

This is how the mission of NOVOSTABLE emerged : developing smart solutions to always keep an eye and more on your horse.

Our technology

Intelligent and precise

NOVO SENSO devoted team as a set of wide and excellent competences to conceive, develop and sale NOVOSTABLE product.

An original AI has been developed thanks to a competent team that masters its subject. It is all this energy, research and dynamism that has made it possible to develop a system capable of helping you in your everyday life.

Our mission is to deliver simple solutions using state of the art science and cutting edge technologies.

novo senso

NOVOSTABLE is the first line of product developped by the company NOVO SENSO.

Our solution

Unique and original

eye of black horse

In order to offer you an original solution, the whole team has worked hard to design a specific user experience.


It is the same for all visuals, whether it is at the website level or at the mobile application level, everything has been thought of to offer you an optimal and extraordinary customer experience

Our team

Expert and qualified team




Owner of horses forever and ex-jumping rider. But also over 12 years of managerial and digital experience in top agencies. Acting as COO, responsible for customer experience and strategy.




15 years of experience in science research, IT, Management and AI.

In charge of supervising all innovative and technical development as well as business development.



Data Scientist

With a PhD from NewYork University in AI, Omer is the genius behind our special AI LANA. He could work at any bank or insurance, but he is much fonder of helping animal owners. 

Customer success and Marketing



Justine is our magic sheep! Marketing, digital, design, photography, video... she can do anything! Not a horse person, she then can help us think outside the (horse)box!


Since the age of 3, Léa has been passionate about horses, a love that now defines her role in our company. As the Commercial Development Manager for France, she's ready to answer all your questions and meet your needs with her expertise in the equestrian world. Trust Léa to guide you expertly.


Every day, we develop precise and actionable indicators over time. 

Our priority is to provide you with reliable and relevant parameters that you can use in your daily life. 



Our team designs simple and complete experiences. It is a real pleasure for our team to answer all your questions about our products, services and technology every day. We are here to support you with personalized service.

Novostable products are not only aesthetically pleasing and of good quality, they are also designed to be durable and to meet the needs of homeowners in an innovative way. All our products can be repaired and reconditioned.

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