Worried about colic?

Relax, NOVO STABLE Smart Cam is watching over your horse.


Smart cam ONE by novo stable

A smart solution to watch over your horse in its box and get alerted if any signs of unusual behaviour is detected.

  • 24/7 surveillance of your horse

  • Real time health alerts

  • Welfare evaluation

  • Live watching

What makes our camera so special?

Our smart camera is much more than a simple camera. It is empowered by our tailor made Artificial Intelligence model that analyzes each horse behaviour but also learn about it to evolve with it.

  • Health events: when symptoms are detected such as colics

  • In and out of the box

  • Eating and drinking (coming soon)

  • Welfare evaluation to be able to adapt your training to its mood and state (coming soon) 

Package price


Smart Cam One 
Monthly subscription


coming soon!

For up to 5 users

Connectivity installation

WIFI or 3G/4G

How does it work?

Plug it

Configure it (super easy via our mobile app)

Set up the app with a picture and your horse name

Wait 7 days for the camera to fully learn your horse behaviour

The system is then fully operational

You want to equip an entire stable?

No problem, we have a dedicated solution for you :

Smart Cam Multi

The smartness is deported in a box that you install in the stable. You can then plug as many standard cameras as you wish. 


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